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Baueda Wargames ltd

     Baueda Wargames

Terrain and Scenic Items

Baueda Wargames has a growing selection of terrain, scenic items and accessories specifically designed to be compatible with 1-48TACTIC.

These models are made in accurate 1:48 scale which means they are just perfect also for diorama or for gaming with 28mm figures!
Make sure your table looks as good as your figures for a truly enjoyable game! Great looking terrain creates the right atmosphere as well as providing extra cover to make your game even more interesting and objectives truly worth to fight for!

Click here for round 60mm scenic bases!

Click here for 1:48 ruined buildings!

Click here for trenches, bunkers and sandbag fortifications!

Click here for Ammo boxes, oil drums, jerrycans, tarps and much more!
modular buildings
sandbags and trenches

60mm round scenic bases
1:48 battlefield accessories