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ONLY 18.50 Euro!


Need some high quality punchboard tokens?

300gsm Full color artboard over 700gsm greyboard (2mm thick) - Whatever you want more than those you find in the Starter Packs or want to use them with your own figures, you can't get better game markers and Action Tokens than these!

1-48TACTIC AT tokens
Code: 48AT01 - 35 Action Tokens
punchboard - Euro 5.50


1-48TACTIC Game Markers
Code: 48MS01 - 24 Game Markers punchboard - Euro 5.50


1-48TACTIC Grenade markers
Code: 48GM01 - 24 Grenade Markers punchboard - Euro 5.50



You can now download the Quick Start Rules version 2.2 of
1-48TACTIC FREE here!

Just click on the Download buttons to the right and save on your PC the rules to play 1-48TACTIC

now, in a compact one A3 page version!

It is a complete rule set as to the current printed version (2.2) except that it includes only the bare rules, basic text in its most essential form. Not included in this Quick Start version are all pretty pictures, diagrams, examples, explanations, clarifications, advice, etc. which you'll find in the printed book.

In this page you'll find also sample game cards, markers and tokens and even templates and measure sticks which you can all download to get a full free Print-and-Play version of the game! Print out the Cards and Tokens pages, glue them back to front carefully aligning the register marks and cut them out. That's all, you can now play the game using any suitable miniature you may already have around... it won't look nearly as good as the real thing but don't worry about that, half way into your first game you'll get so hooked that you won't be able to resist buying the whole amazing range anyway!


The 2.2 rules version is also the foundation for a number of upcoming expansions, all true to the same vision for a fast, dynamic and realistically brutal game, but addressing other specific situations not yet covered here. In particular we are now working on rules for all sort of vehicles, armored and non, as well as covering all infantry weapons specifically designed to deal with them. Also in development are more detailed rules for moving and fighting inside multilevel buildings and ruins including optional rules for night combat and hidden movement. We also have several advanced rules in development that are currently being beta tested, these are mostly related to new Character types including Officers, Scout, Doctors, Spotters, Radio Operators etc. and related new abilities, plus scenario and mission games and more detailed rules to support tournament play.

Interested in collaborating to the rules development?

Join us in the 1-48TACTIC brand new FORUM or Yahoo support group

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1-48TACTIC Version 2.2
One Page Quick Start Rules (A3)
English flagEnglish language

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Game Cards (required to play)

US Army 101st Airborne Division ("Screaming Eagles")

pdf file icondownload button     pdf file icon


German Heer 26th Volksgrenadier Division

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Game Markers (required to play)

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Game Templates (optional gaming help)

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1-48TACTIC Versione 2.2
Quick Start Rules in una pagina (A3)
Italian flagIn Italiano

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