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On this website pages you'll find some basic information, for any further question you may have

You can also click on the link to the right to visit the support groups on Yahoo, our page on facebook and the forum of the game!


1-48COMBAT and 1-48TACTIC are

Baueda Wargames ltd

quality Baueda Wargames products!

Need some help with 1-48TACTIC?
Discuss strategies and ask for any clarification needed with version 2.0!
In our Yahoo group you can also find other players in your area, all languages welcome!

Want to stay up to date with the latest news from the 1-48TACTIC Game team? Download and try optional rules, preview upcoming figures, try out new game scenarios and have your say! Your input is most welcome!

Check out the 1-48TACTIC support group on Yahoo!    

1-48TACTIC and 1-48COMBAT
currently share the same fb page:

Don't forget to check out also
the forum dedicated to the game!
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